Knit Jersey Yoked Onesie

Knit Jersey Yoked Onesie


Same style as the Yoked Onesie, the Knit Yoked Onesie is the COMFIEST THING you'll ever put on your body! I love it for yoga, but I seriously wear it for every occasion. A true yummy, easy, cozy piece, the Knit Jersey Yoked Onesie comes in 6 beautiful jersey colors (see image with color names). Available in three lengths: up to 5'4", up to 5'7", and up to 5'11". Comes with pockets. Wonderful for maternity wear:  or, see Nu MuM! This thing will grow as needed, and buttons up front for mums will be just the ticket.

Please allow 2-4 weeks of lead time, as items are made to order.

Wash cold water by hand (or delicate washing machine setting), hang to dry.

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